Tips For Preparing Your RV For Storage

Your RV can be one of the most important and valuable possessions that you have. However, you may go long periods of time without needing to use the RV, and during these times, it is essential for you to properly prepare the RV for storage. To avoid making potentially serious mistakes during this process, you should always use these three storage preparation tips.

Steam Clean The Interior Of The RV

The interior of your RV can accumulate a large amount of dust, crumbs, and other organic debris. These materials will gradually start to decompose, which can cause the interior of the RV to develop a foul smell. Over long periods of time, this smell can seep into the fabrics of the RV, which can make it extremely difficult to remove. Avoiding this problem will entail using a steam cleaner on any of the upholstery and carpeting in the RV. After you have steam cleaned the interior, you should leave the windows cracked so that the moisture can evaporate.

Treat The RV For Pests

Insects and rodents can be a major problem for stored RVs. These pests are often attracted to these vehicles because they can be an excellent source of shelter, and there may be food present. In addition to making the interior of the RV unsanitary, these pests can also cause considerable damage to the vehicle. Due to these potential complications, you should arrange for the RV to be professionally treated for pests before it is stored. Additionally, you may want to arrange for it to be treated every couple of months if the unit will be stored for a prolonged period of time.

Protect The Tires

It can be easy to overlook the wear and tear that can occur to the tires of your RV. While it may seem strange that the tires could suffer damage when the RV is not being driven, exposure to the elements can weaken the rubber in the tires. In particular, it is possible for the ultraviolet rays of light to make the tires brittle. Luckily, there are tire treatments that can be applied which block these rays of light.

In addition to protecting the tires against damage from ultraviolet light, you also need to avoid leaving the tires over or under inflated. During the year, the temperatures can vary from one extreme to the other, and this can cause the air in the tires to expand or contract substantially. If the tires are not properly inflated, this could cause them to rupture. For this reason, you should always make sure that your tires are within the manufacturer's recommended levels before you store the RV. 

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