3 Tips For Successfully Traveling With Your Golf Clubs

Having an expensive set of golf clubs can make you feel like a professional when you hit the golf course. Many avid golf enthusiasts enjoy taking the time to visit courses away from their hometown, which can mean traveling with expensive clubs.

In order to ensure that your next golf vacation doesn't turn into a nightmare, here are three tips that you can use to successfully travel with your golf clubs.

1. Try to get a non-stop flight.

If your golf vacation requires you to visit a course that is far away from your hometown, you may opt to travel to your final destination via airplane. Before you book your departure and return flights, you should take the time to recognize that your expensive clubs will be best protected on a non-stop flight.

Each connecting flight represents additional handling by airline employees, increasing the amount of jostling your clubs will go through. Non-stop flights reduces handling time, allowing your clubs to enjoy a peaceful flight with less risk of damage.

2. Make sure your clubs are protected.

Packing your golf clubs properly is essential when it comes to ensuring their protection. Investing in a hard shell bag can be wise if you plan to visit several different golf courses throughout the course of a year. These bags will allow you to place your soft golf bag inside of them in order to prevent contact between your clubs and other luggage during transit.

If you can't afford a hard shell bag, be sure that you use a protection device that is taller than your driver to prevent your clubs from sustaining damage if they are dropped or smashed while being loaded onto your flight.

3. Consider an insurance policy.

Anytime you travel with luggage there is the possibility that your bags will become lost during transit. With a higher-end set of golf clubs costing anywhere from $800 to over $1,000, replacing lost or stolen clubs could be financially challenging.

By taking out an insurance policy on your clubs prior to travel, you ensure that your voyages to golf courses away from home won't result in significant financial hardship should something happen to your expensive golf clubs during transit.

No golf vacation is complete without access to your own set of clubs. If you are planning to travel to distant golf courses this coming year, be sure that you are taking the time to prepare your clubs for successful travel.