Pick A Center Console Boat That's Suited To The Way You Fish

Center console boats are great for fishing, because they let you walk around the entire perimeter of the boat when fighting a fish. When selecting a center console boat, however, you shouldn't assume that every model is well-suited to the type of fishing you do. Instead, you should consider how you fish and choose one of these boat that's particularly suited to meet your needs.

Fishing Far from Shore: Choose a Diesel Engine

If you do most of your fishing offshore, picking a center console boat that has a diesel engine could save you a lot of money over the life span of the boat. Boats.com notes that diesel has around 10 percent more potential energy than gas, and diesel engines are usually more efficient than gasoline ones. Thus, each time you go out fishing, you'll be saving on fuel if you have a diesel engine. Just how much you save will depend on how often you take your boat out and how far from the marina you go.

Fishing with the Family: Look for Lots of Seats

Center console boats sometimes don't have as many seats as other types of boats. After all, they're made for fishing — not necessarily for touring around with a large group.

If you like to take your family fishing, though, you'll want to look for a center console boat that has plenty of seating. Limit your search to models that have enough seats for your entire family plus a couple friends.

Fishing All Day: Get a Storage Tank for Fish

If you like to spend the entire day out fishing, you don't want an early catch to spoil before you get back to the marina. While it's sometimes possible to keep fish in a cooler, keeping them in a onboard storage tank is even better. A storage tank that has a pump flushing water through it lets the fish stay in lake or ocean water until you get back to the dock.

If you only take short trips, a storage tank may not be a necessity. If you're frequently gone for hours fishing, though, look for a center console boat that has a storage tank. If you see a model that you like but doesn't have a tank, find out how much it will cost to have a tank put in the boat before you decide to purchase the boat. It may be cheaper to buy a different boat with a tank already built in.

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