2 Ideas To Make Your Kid Gymnast's Birthday Party Fun For Everyone

If a number of your child's closest friends are, like your own kid, avid gymnasts, then having a gymnastic-themed birthday event is a great idea. But, not every one of your child's closest friends may be a gymnast. Here are two ideas to incorporate with a gymnastics theme for your child's birthday bash, all the while making the non-gymnast kids feel welcome too. Exposure to Gymnastics Many local gymnastics schools will open their facility to special occasions like birthday parties. [Read More]

Questions To Ask Your Fly Fishing Guide Before Your Trip

When you're serious about landing the big one during a fly fishing trip, it's advantageous to hire a guide who knows the local areas thoroughly. The presence of this expert can greatly reduce the frustration of fishing for hours on end in an area that yields little in the way of results and help to create lasting memories of the excursion. As you browse the selection of available fishing guides for the area you'll be visiting in advance, it's useful to call a couple and ask some questions. [Read More]

5 Tips For Handling Firework Duds And Misfires

When you set off fireworks, either for an event or for personal recreational use, there may be one or more duds or misfires in your batch of fireworks. It is important to know how to safely deal with these fireworks to avoid injury to yourself and those around you as well as potential damage to property. Below are five tips for preparing for and dealing with duds and misfires.  Know the Difference Between a Dud and a Misfire  [Read More]

Keep Your Swing In The Off-Season: What You Need To Know About Golfing Through Winter

Even though summer is the time when most golfers like to hit the green, your time on the course doesn't have to end when the frost sets in. If you're facing your first winter as a golfer, you don't have to worry about losing your game. With the right preparation for the cold season, you can stay on top of the green (or brown or white) until spring comes again. Here's what you need to know. [Read More]