Questions To Ask Your Fly Fishing Guide Before Your Trip

When you're serious about landing the big one during a fly fishing trip, it's advantageous to hire a guide who knows the local areas thoroughly. The presence of this expert can greatly reduce the frustration of fishing for hours on end in an area that yields little in the way of results and help to create lasting memories of the excursion. As you browse the selection of available fishing guides for the area you'll be visiting in advance, it's useful to call a couple and ask some questions. The discussion you have can help make sure you're as prepared as possible for the trip ahead. Here are some useful questions to pose.

Do Your Fishing Spots Suit My Ability?

Fly fishing can be more challenging than boat fishing because you're actually standing in the water, so explaining your ability level to the guide and then asking him or her to describe the fishing spots can make sure you know what you're in for. Veteran fly fishers can safely navigate fast-moving water or exceptionally uneven terrain, but this might be more than you want to handle if you're relatively new to this hobby.

What Have Previous Clients Caught?

At the end of the day, you want to get production from your fly fishing trip, so make sure to ask about the success that each guide's past clients have had. This should be an enthusiastic part of your discussion — the guide will likely tell you stories about impressive fish that have been caught, assure you that he or she will take you to fish in the same areas and even talk in depth about specific topics such as the tactics and the dry or wet fishing flies that were used to land the big one. Knowing all this information in advance will make you sure to pack the right gear and might even encourage you to brush up on certain fly fishing techniques in advance of the trip.

How Close Are Your Recommended Fishing Spots?

Most fly fishing guides will have a variety of fishing spots up their sleeves; if one isn't panning out, they'll be quick to take their clients to another location to hope for better fortunes. Given that you'll likely be traveling between spots throughout your excursion, it's a good idea to know how much traveling will be required. Some people enjoy boating between fishing spots, while others would rather concentrate on a variety of spots that are all closely located. It's important to ask this question to be on the same page as your guide before you book the trip.

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