Gear You'll Used When Taking a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Deep sea fishing requires specialized gear that's capable of catching and bringing in fish from far under the surface of the water. If you're taking a deep sea fishing charter, here's some of the gear on the boat that you (or the captain) will likely use.

Rods and Reels

Rods are the most iconic fishing equipment, and reels are the components attached to them that hold the fishing lines. 

The rods used for deep sea fishing are longer than standard fishing rods that you might use off of a dock or nearer shore. The deep sea rods have to flex a lot when a large fish is on them, and you may need to hold the tip of the rod away from the boat as you reel.

Heavy-duty reels are used for deep sea fishing. They're large enough to hold a strong fishing line, and plenty of it. The reels also have high tension ratings, so fish can't easily swim away if you don't want them to.


Seasoned anglers use binoculars to survey where fish may be swimming. Anglers will look out over the water, watching for gulls, pelicans or other birds that often eat fish. If these birds are diving to fee in a certain area, there may be a school of fish near there. Anglers might also spot weed patches, which also can be fertile spots for finding schools of fish.

Birds and weeds don't necessarily guarantee that larger fish are nearby, but there may be. If smaller fish are schooling in a certain area, a larger predator fish could be feeding on the school. The area with the smaller fish is a high-probability place to try catching something larger.

Lip Grippers

While you might be able to safely hold smaller freshwater fish, holding fish from the deep sea can be hazardous. Many fish that live in the ocean have sharp teeth that could lacerate, or potentially even sever, a finger.

Lip grippers are specialized pliers that attach to the jawbone of a fish. They don't hurt the jaw bone, and their handles give you a way to safely hold fish with sharp teeth.

Braid Scissors

Every angler must cut their line periodically, but today's deep sea fishing lines are difficult to cut with standard scissors or even a knife. Braid scissors are specialized cutters that can easily slice through the strongest, braided deep sea fishing lines.