Two Locations Close To NYC Perfect For Deep Sea Fishing

If you live in New York City, and love to fish, then it can be a bit tricky to find a nice place to enjoy your particular pastime. There are lots of rivers around the city, but if you're the type that would prefer heading out to go deep sea fishing on the ocean, then you want something more exciting that what the cities rivers and small lakes can offer. So, heading down to the fishing piers on the east side, or the lakes in Staten Island or The Bronx, are not high up on your agenda. No worries, there are some really cool spots close to the city where you can head out to go deep sea fishing in the Atlantic. Here are two places to check out the next time you have time.  

Montauk, Long Island

If you take the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road) or drive out by car, all the way past the Hamptons, and head to the very end of Long Island, you will come to Montauk. This is the final point on the island. It has a long tradition as a fishing village. It still retains much of the character of it's original fishing village roots, though it does have many more restaurants, hotels, and vacation homes now. The cool part about Montauk is that you can find a deep sea fishing charter and then set out into the Atlantic. You will already be pretty far out into the ocean (Long Island extends far out into the ocean) so you will have a jump start on boats leaving from Brooklyn, or lower Westchester. You will get a chance to fish for Mako and Shark.

Point Pleasant, New Jersey

If you live in Staten Island, which would make a drive to New Jersey easier than a drive to Long Island, or you just prefer the vibe of the Jersey Shore, then you should check out Point Pleasant. It's one of the coolest of all the Jersey Shore towns. It has a classic boardwalk, and a very nice beach. There are also many nice deep sea fishing pleasure charters you can take out. They head out straight from the beach area. Many of them are what are called  "party charters" so they will have novice fishermen on board. It's more of a fun time for people who live fishing, but are not super sophisticated. So, if you think that heading out on one of the really dedicated deep sea fishing charters with hardcore fishermen might be a bit too intimidating, and you want to get your feet wet on a relaxed deep sea fishing charter, then this is a great place to go.

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