Different Ammo For Different Jobs

The type of ammo that you shoot is almost as important as the caliber that you are shooting. You want to make sure that you are shooting the right type of ammo for the occasion. Sometimes it can be hard to know what type of ammo to shoot, so it is important to remember what your end goal is when you pull the trigger on your rifle. It can be fun to start trying to shoot new types of ammo, but the real fun begins when you start to understand that each bullet has a specific job, and is engineered for a specific reason. Here are a few different types of ammo that you can expect to shoot out of your rifle.

Full Metal Jacket

The full metal jacket most commonly called the FMJ is a bullet that is made completely out of the same metal. They are usually hard bullets that are built to penetrate. The bullet construction is simple, it is just a solid piece of metal. This type of bullet is often used for range practice because it is not as expensive as other rounds. The military also uses this type of round because it is able to penetrate body armor. 

Jacketed Hollow Point

The jacketed Hollow Point also known as a JHP, is going to be the round that most use for hunting out of a rifle and for self defense in a pistol. The JHP is designed with a hard metal outside, the metal usually being a hard copper, and the inside being made from a soft metal such as lead. The tip of the bullet is hollow and allows for expansion when it hits the target. This is so the bullet expands and causes more damage to the tissue. For hunting and self defense the JHP is the best option.

Ballistic Tip

A ballistic tip is much like a JHP in that it is designed to cause maximum damage. The bullet is constructed much like a JHP, but instead of the tip being hollow it is a very soft plastic. The plastic really expands on impact and causes a great deal of damage. The expansion occurs fast, so the bullets penetration can be minimal. However, the bullet will travel inside and expand. This type of ammo is known for doing a great deal of damage on things like rodents and small predators like coyotes.

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