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5 Tips For Handling Firework Duds And Misfires

23 May

When you set off fireworks, either for an event or for personal recreational use, there may be one or more duds or misfires in your batch of fireworks. It is important to know how to safely deal with these fireworks to avoid injury to yourself and those around you as well as potential damage to […]

Keep Your Swing In The Off-Season: What You Need To Know About Golfing Through Winter

13 Jan

Even though summer is the time when most golfers like to hit the green, your time on the course doesn’t have to end when the frost sets in. If you’re facing your first winter as a golfer, you don’t have to worry about losing your game. With the right preparation for the cold season, you […]

Tricks On The Trampoline: Learning To Backflip

28 Dec

One of the best parts of having a trampoline is that you can do all sorts of tricks that you might not be able to do regularly. One of the simplest, but scariest, tricks is the backflip. If you would like to learn to backflip, the trampoline is a great tool to start with. Here […]

How To Get Geared Up (Properly) For Your First Ever Motorcycle

23 Sep

Have you finally decided that you need a motorcycle in your life? Owning a motorcycle is not as simple as going out and making the purchase. If this is your first motorcycle, you need to know that the expense of your purchase will go beyond the bike itself. You will need the proper gear to […]

Mountain Bike Safety Strategies For New Riders

23 Sep

If you’ve just begun your journey with recreational mountain biking, you probably already know that you’re in for the adventure of your life. Mountain bikers get to see close up views of parts of the country that most people aren’t lucky enough to experience, and there’s a fun camaraderie among mountain biking enthusiasts that means […]

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying A Hot Tub

18 Sep

If you’re wading into unfamiliar waters in your quest for a hot tub for your home, you want to make sure you don’t end up over your head. Knowing how to ask the right questions is a key factor in finding the perfect hot tub for your needs, uses and budget. Here are three questions […]

7 Often-Overlooked Details For Newbies When Departing With A Travel Trailer

10 Sep

So you’re interested in purchasing or you’ve just purchased a new camper-trailer and you hope to embark on a family camping adventure. While camping in a trailer can be much more accommodating than sleeping in a tent, as your dealer might tell you, there are certain aspects not to be overlooked before making your excursion. […]

5 Types Of Cross Training That Will Improve Your Archery Skills

29 Jul

While basic archery skills can be learned quickly by novices, mastering the sport takes years of training. However, not all of your training can be completed on the range. As a sport, archery requires knowledge of your form, core strength, and upper body strength, all of which can be developed through a vigorous cross-training regimen. […]

5 Ways To Create A Memorable Anitque Gun Display

16 Jun

When shopping for antique guns, you are not just purchasing a weapon. These guns, made before 1898, are a part of a rich history all across the globe. If you are displaying this gun, there are multiple ways to create an innovative display for the weapon. The gun itself can be enhanced with a variety […]

See More Of South Florida Wilderness With Private Airboat Rides In Everglades City, FL

18 Dec

There is a lot of nature to see in South Florida once you get out of the populated areas. You may want to take a ride through some of the parks by car, but this will not let you see everything. Private airboat rides in Everglades City, FL will give you a better experience when […]