Assess These Factors When You Book A Tiki Boat Tour

Booking a tiki boat tour for you and a group of friends can be an enjoyable way to spend some time outdoors when the weather is sunny and warm. It's often relaxing being on the water, but when you're cruising on a boat that is designed to offer a laid-back experience, you'll likely feel even more at ease. If you live near a large body of water, there may be a few boat companies that offer tiki boat experiences. It's worthwhile to check what each of them offers so that you can choose the best outing for your group. Here are some factors to assess.

Boat Size

Tiki boats are often available in several sizes. You'll want to be sure about the size of your group so that you can choose not only a boat that can fit everyone, but also ensure that there's plenty of open space to move around. For example, if there are 10 people in your group, you don't necessarily need to book your tour on a boat that is designed for 10 passengers. Choosing a boat designed for 15 people will give everyone more of a spacious environment that each person may appreciate.


Regardless of the size of the tiki boat you're checking out, you can expect that it will offer at least one form of seating. These boats are almost always equipped with a bar, which means that there will be barstools around the bar for those who want to relax and sip a beverage. It's worthwhile to see how many barstools are available, as a lot of your group members might be eager to sit at the bar. You should also assess what other seat options are on the boat. For example, some boats will have bench or chair seating in the bow or stern.


You'll also want to look into what amenities are available on your tiki boat cruise. The available amenities can vary considerably between boat tour companies and even between the boats themselves. Some larger tiki boats have bathrooms, for example, which can be ideal if you're leaning toward a longer outing. If you're interested in swimming while your boat sits at anchor on a longer cruise, you'll want to book your outing on a boat that has some basic swimming accessories, such as pool noodles. Look online to learn all about your options for booking a floating tiki boat tour with a group of friends.