Tips For Fishing Marlin

Marlin or billfish are large and aggressive fish that thrive in the deep sea. Due to the aggressiveness of marlin, an angler can quickly wear down, making marlin fishing challenging. At the same time, this is what makes marlin deep-sea fishing thrilling and exciting. However, proper preparation is essential to catch marlin successfully. Fortunately, here are some valuable pointers for marlin fishing.

Identify the Right Fishing Grounds

Marlin usually live in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans. However, note that the fish are migratory and follow warm currents. Therefore, consider fishing for marlin in warm water regions. Additionally, billfish are common around underwater canyons or islands with steep drop-offs along the coast. But, finding suitable fishing grounds can be challenging, especially if you're new to marlin fishing. In this regard, you should work with a fishing charter service that provides a fishing guide. This helps you to spot marlin fast.

Get the Correct Lures or Bait

Since billfish are strong and aggressive, you need the correct fishing gear. Ideally, trolling fishing is ideal for catching marlin. The process entails casting out multiple fishing lines with bait to attract the marlin. You can draw the marlin using the following:

  • Live Bait. The bait includes small fish such as mackerel that marlin love hunting. However, avoid high trolling speeds to prevent the death of your bait.
  • Artificial lures. The lures are usually plastic or wooden and mimic natural animal movements that attract the marlin. These are ideal when trolling under high speed.

Remember that you need to adjust the trolling speeds depending on the water conditions. Thus, choose the correct lures that can handle varying speeds.

Invest in the Correct Fishing Gear and Technique

As an angler, you need the correct marlin fishing gear, including reels, lines, and rods. Your fishing boat charter should provide all the gear you require in good condition. Also, they may train you on using the equipment.

Additionally, applying the proper fishing technique is essential. For instance, you need to apply pressure in the fishing line and raise the rod to the correct height to prevent the marlin from getting loose from the hook. This helps to wear down the marlin quickly. Once the marlin gives in, drag the reel towards your boat and secure your catch.

The tips for successful marlin fishing include identifying the correct fishing spots, lures, or bait and investing in the right fishing gear and technique. Consider these tips for fast and easy billfish fishing.