Buying An Arcade Game For A Mancave? Consider The Following Genres

Are you looking to put an arcade game in your man cave, but not sure which one to get? If so, it will help to narrow it down to a certain genre so you can pick the best arcade games for sale.

Beat 'em Ups

One of the easier genres of games for anybody to pick up and play is the classic beat 'em up game. This includes classics like Final Fight or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or maybe a more modern game that is currently popular in arcades. What makes the beat 'em up genre so great is that it is so easy to jump into a game and get going. It only requires a few basic buttons, and you typically just keep moving forwards towards the right side of the screen and beat up whoever comes your way.

Since you own the arcade cabinet, the difficulty level of the game doesn't really matter. While at the arcade you would need to keep pumping in quarters each time that you die, you can disable this for your home arcade cabinet so you just keep going and have fun with the game. 


Arcade style sport games can be a lot of fun, since you can play them competitively or cooperatively. These games are typically less about simulating the real game, and more about doing outrageous stunts and racking up high scores. Try to track down a classic version of NFL Blitz or NBA Jam if you're a football or basketball fan, and you won't have to worry about putting in more money after every quarter of the game.

High Score Challenges

There are plenty of platform and puzzle games that work great for putting in your mancave. That is because these games focus on getting the highest score, rather than completing a certain task in the game. This makes the repetitive nature of having a single arcade game more appealing, since you'll be pushing yourself to play again and again to get to the top of the leaderboard. Friends will come over and want to compete with you and see if they can knock your score lower in the rankings. Think of games like Pacman or Donkey Kong where the goal is not to finish the game, but see how long you can go without dying. 


One of the all time classic arcade game genres to consider is fighting games. These work great if you want to be competitive with friends, or just face the computer and practice your combos. Classic games in this genre include Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, which have characters that everyone will know and love.