Helping Your Daughter Beat The Winter Blues

Are you struggling to find ways to keep your daughter active during the winter? Some kids struggle through the winter blues just like so many adults do. Since the days are so short, and the weather isn't exactly enticing, your daughter may begin to feel bored, sad, or downright depressed, if you don't do something to get her up, involved, and active. Here, you'll find a few ideas that can help trigger some winter energy and excitement.

Look Into Dance Classes

Dance classes will help your daughter in several ways. She'll get the exercise she needs, find friends that she may not have met before, and have something on her schedule a few nights each week.

When you give your daughter something to look forward to, like getting out of the house and going to dance class, the days might not seem quite as long as they did before.

If you have a busy schedule and aren't sure that you'll have the time to transport your daughter to and from classes, talk with the staff at the dance school. They may offer, or have connections to, a carpool group that other parents have developed to help get all of the kids back and forth without having to miss out. Places like Mercury Academy Of Dance can help.

Consider Parent And Kid Activities

Look into some of the activities in your area that are designed for parents and kids to do together. There may be a painting class, a dance class, pottery, story time, or tea parties. Look for whatever sparks the interest of your daughter. Sometimes, kids sink into the winter blues not only because of the change of season, but because parents get so busy with holiday planning, then tax time, then spring cleaning sets in. Get out of your comfort zone and get out and spend some one on one time with your daughter. It might just do both of you a lot of good.

Take Advantage Of Nice Days

It can be hard to get out into the sun during the winter, but getting out and getting a dose of Vitamin D straight from the sun will be beneficial physically and emotionally. When the weather breaks, stop what you're doing and take advantage of the break. Go for a walk and check out how things have changed over the winter.

It's not easy staying active and upbeat during the winter. Hopefully, the above ideas will help you and your daughter find some joy through the darkest of seasons.