Tips For Your First Tandem Skydiving Jump

When looking to do something that is both thrilling and a little dangerous, many people make the choice to go skydiving. Although the adrenaline rush associated with jumping out of an airplane can be intoxicating, it's important that you always put safety first when skydiving. Choosing to jump in a tandem with an experienced skydiver will be beneficial when it comes to ensuring that nothing goes wrong during your first jump.

Here are three things that you will want to keep in mind as you prepare for your first tandem skydive to make the experience a more positive one.

1. Find a jump facility that offers classes.

The more familiar you are with the equipment you will be using during your tandem skydive, the more relaxed you will be able to feel during your first jump. As you prepare for a tandem skydiving trip, look for a facility that offers some educational skydiving classes prior to the actual event.

These classes will help you gain the knowledge you need to become a more competent jumper, and they will give you the opportunity to build a relationship with your tandem partner so that you feel more comfortable during your first jump.

2. Be sure your tandem partner is qualified.

Knowing that the person you are strapped to during a skydiving jump has completed formal training and obtained a license to jump can help you feel more at ease during your first skydiving trip.

As you evaluate potential partners, be sure to jump with someone who has obtained a license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). The USPA awards licenses A through D, which each level progressively more difficult to obtain. Asking about a USPA license before committing to a skydiving trip will ensure your tandem partner is qualified to help you fully enjoy your first jump.

3. Find a facility that will document your experience.

During your first jump you will be exposed to many new sensations. As you try to process these sensations, you could miss out on some of the exciting things that occur during any skydiving trip.

Having the ability to watch your first jump over and over again can be beneficial in maximizing the amount of pleasure your skydiving trip generates. Finding a facility that offers video footage of each jump completed will ensure you can share your experience with friends and family as well.

If going skydiving is on your wish list, be sure that you look for a facility that offers educational classes, find a qualified tandem partner, and invest in video footage of your first jump.