5 Ways To Create A Memorable Anitque Gun Display

When shopping for antique guns, you are not just purchasing a weapon. These guns, made before 1898, are a part of a rich history all across the globe. If you are displaying this gun, there are multiple ways to create an innovative display for the weapon. The gun itself can be enhanced with a variety of decorations that contribute to the history and legacy of the weapon.

The following five additions can be added to your antique gun purchase and can often be found from the same business where you purchased the gun.


A gun often has a history filled with unique details. Two different locations represent the gun's history. Displaying these country flags can enhance the display. The first option for a country flag is the manufacturing country of the gun. Antique guns were made all over the world, including countries like Germany and Japan. Using the gun's paperwork, you can find out where it was made and display a folded flag with the gun.

Another way to showcase flags with a gun is by showcasing the country flag of where the gun was used in wars or battles. For example, if the gun was used in the south during the civil war, then you could display a confederate flag with the gun. A little research will make it easy to find an appropriate flag to associate with the gun.

Authentic Pictures

While antique guns are mostly for display now, you can enhance your display with images of people actually carrying and using the weapons. A beautifully framed image showcasing the gun is a great historical reference and can add more personal meaning to the gun.

One of the best resources to find images of is through the National Archives. This massive digital collection features thousands of pictures from multiple wars and military actions during the 1800s. These images have been restored and feature high-quality resolutions.

Authentication Letter

True antique guns often have an official letter that has traveled with it for numerous decades. This letter is crafted from a gun expert and includes details about the gun, previous owners, and the history of the gun model itself. Having this letter is important for the value of the weapon, but all of the details and historical significance make it an ideal display piece, too.

Protecting the letter is important so it should be displayed in a durable frame with a matte pressed over it. If you are worried about sunlight aging the letter, then you can create a duplicate copy and display the duplicate instead. The original letter will remain protected while still showcasing your information.


The gun itself is only half of what made it so historical. Antique bullets are unique, add style, and can really compliment a gun display. There are multiple ways you can display the bullets with the gun. In a display case, the bullets can face sideways in the same direction as the gun.

If your gun is displayed on a mantle, bullets can stand on their own in a symmetrical pattern for each side of the gun. For example, you could place two bullets on each side of the gun to create a simple and appealing pattern. When shopping for the guns, inquire about purchasing the bullets to go with it. For safety precautions, it's a good idea to consider bullet shells or blank bullets in case the gun is still in working order.

Multiple Guns

One antique gun looks great on its own, but the display in your home can be made even better by purchasing multiple guns. Depending on the type of gun that you purchase, there are multiple ways to select a display. If you stick to a specific gun model, then you can purchase multiple years of the same model.

You can also purchase all of the guns used within the same war, like the Revolutionary War. Sticking to a specific theme is an ideal way to create a compelling display for your home.

When shopping for the antique guns, ask the dealer for any additional decoration tips and accessories. Guns are often purchased with other war memorabilia like badges and uniforms.